Train Vacations in India

Train Vacations in India

Are you looking for  a unique travel activity or theme in India? Then train vacations might be something that you are looking out for. The train vacations and trips in India has become one of the most sought after travel activities that once can implement while on their visit to India.

The rail transportation is one of the most favourite travel mode of tourists who are planning to explore the soul of India. Indian Train travel vacations are the best way to uncover the unique mystique of India in its true essence. The rain network travels around all the possible directions of the country, and link almost every state, city, town and village in its purview. The Indian Railways are unstoppable is considered as more reliable and convenient option for exploring the country.

The Indian Rail Tour acquaints the tourists with its unique earthy exuberance and grounded culture. The Indian rail network spans over 63,000 kms route and has 6,909 stations. The Indian Train Tour helps in celebrating the glory of Indian Railways, which is the fourth largest in the world. The train vacation tours in India helps you to enjoy and experience the sheer size and geographical diversity of India. The train vacation trips in India brings enormous excitement, thrills and joy of travelling.
The Indian train trail boasts of the century old locomotives that takes the travellers to the timeless vintage era. Specialties of the train vacation travels in India include travelling on the hill trains such as Darjeeling-Himalayan Express and those trains operating in Shimla and Ooty which provides a unique opportunity to explore the cool Indian terrains on the narrow track lines.

There are also Luxury Trains like Palace on Wheels, Maharaja Express and Golden Chariot which introduces a traveler with the indulgence of India. Along with these trains, the fastest rail connectivity like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Suburban Trains and Metros provides more opportunity for the tourists to explore more of this beautiful country and its amazing landscape.

Some of the major luxury and heritage trains in India include,

1) Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
2) Palace on Wheels
3) Maharaja’s Express.
4) Deccan Odyssey
5) The Golden Chariot.

If you are serious about exploring the beauty, culture and tradition of India in a unique way, the train vacation trips can be the best way to do it.