Heli Skiing in India

Heli Skiing in India

About Heli Skiing in India

What’s the distinction between normal skiing and Heli Skiing? Well, a helicopter is involved within the latter. When you just do not care about the risk component of substantial altitude skiing and have obtained the courage against all odds then, Heli Skiing is only for you. The helicopter will probably go away you in the high of a snow capped peak and from there you just need to criss-cross your way downward.

This sport problems the risk-taking explorer in you, as you have to ski down through unknown routes and ridges. Indian Himalayan region is just the very best way to begin off this thrilling sport. A few of the ideal options include Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass and Chandrakhani Move near Manali.

Heli Skiing Ideas
Cautions & Essentials about Heli-Skiing
Are you new to heli skiing or the extreme sports arena of skiing, then before taking up any from the heli skiing expeditions, firstly ask your tour operators what kind of facilities do they offer to the skiers. Some key points to keep in mind contain how many groups will be carried by one helicopter; the type of lodging skiers are heading to get; the exact height of the start point from where the skiing will commence and probably the most important one the equipment and services availability.

Safety is always important once you are planning to have skiing expeditions on the glacial regions as there are potential dangers concerned over their. There are always chances to have Avalanche in the snowy areas, that’s why make it a point to check upon the snow conditions and weather information from the sports associations and information centre of that particular area.

Skiing stability not only changes from mountain range to other mountain range but from slope to slope. That’s why its always better to have a guide or ski instructor, who have a good knowledge about that skiing region The guides’ decisions are paramount and must be respected always.

The second important safety fact is flying. Helicopter skiing pilots are seasoned professionals who are thorough with the winter flying conditions within the mountains. They are alert to the onset of sudden weather changes and work together with your guide to ensure maximum safety. Always remember that the snowy regions are prone to accidents, so always pre-plan your ski trip keeping the precautions in mind.

Major Regions Of Heli-Skiing In India
Himalayas is full of ultimate skiing destinations and in case you an extreme sports lover and experienced enough to climb the glacial regions, then take up you heli skiing venture among the Indian Himalayas. Consistent heavy snowfalls and variety of mountain ranges, the Himalayas provide the best attributes for any skier. In addition to the numerous ski resorts throughout the Himalayan area, you can also find the ultimate skiing experiences of heli skiing over here.

For the first timer heli skiing at the remote locations is always an experience to remember. Remote destination lodge such as the onces located in Manali, provide multiple day packages and are considered to be the best heli skiing regions with the Himalayas.

The Manali heli skiing expeditions involve helicopters, which are heading to drop keen skiers onto peaks as high as 6,500m. The high peaks reduce the wind speed at lower levels where one skis, resulting in consistent, light and powdery snow. Powder skiing is easier to learn with the new thick kind of skis, especially in case you are new to skiing.

For interested teenage skiers, groups of three skiers are made and to keep pace with them there’s also a ski guide. The group’s size eliminates pressure on less-experienced skiers and allows the experienced ones to ski to their heart’s content. Safety is ensured by certified guides, experienced helicopter pilots, easy availability of medical facilities and emergency backup arrangements with the Indian Air Force.

All the heli-skiing packages in Manali include 100,000 ft. of vertical skiing six-day guide service and use of an avalanche transceiver, seven-light lodging in Manali plus all meals, escorted air and ground transfer Delhi-Manali-Delhi, airport transfers and local taxes. South of Kullu, 50-km away in Bhuntar an airport is situated with normal flights to Delhi and Chandigarh. For tourists, taxis are available from Bhuntar to Manali. Should you are looking for more adventure, then drive from Delhi to Manali, which a 16 hour long journey.

Heli Skiing Places in India:
Hanuman Tibba, Manali, H.P.
Deo Tibba, Manali, H.P.
Rohtang Pass, Manali, H.P.
Chandrakhani Pass, Manali, H.P.
Auli, Uttaranchal