About India

About India

India is one of the most amazing and exciting place, where you can experience a varied and diversified culture, tradition, language and more. India is a paradise for travellers coming from different parts of the world and offers a varied and  unique travel experience to cherish for a life time. Being such a big and populated country, India has several states with different languages, culture, tradition and heritage.

India possess a varied geographical and climatic conditions that gives different importance for the various travel destinations of India. If you are looking to visit and explore India, you will be amazed by the huge list of travel attractions and destinations that India can offer. It might take several trips to India to explore atleast the majority of the top travel spots and this will clearly give an idea about how much varied travel destinations and spots are present in India.


When we speak about the travel attractions in India, you will be able to see different and unique types of travel attractions and locations to enjoy your trip. Some  of the major attractions to visit in India include the hill stations, deserts, metro cities, beaches, waterfalls, adventure destinations, wildlife spots, heritages spots, religious and pilgrimage destinations, mountains, snowy mountains, backwaters, monumental spots etc. You need to visit different states of India to experience all these travel attractions and even though it is time consuming, it will be worthy enough.


India can be divided into 5 zones, when it comes to segmenting the travel attractions for better planning of your tour activities and they are

a) North India

b) South India

c) East India

d) West India and

e) Central India

India has a varied climatic condition and it is better to visit the major travel locations only after having a basic study about the climatic conditions of those places. There are a large number of travel agents and tour operators who can help you in guiding and planning your trip to India in a better way. But still, you need to have a basic knowledge about the major travel attractions, its geographical features, climatic conditions, things to do and also the best time to visit those places.