Asiatic Lion (Babber Sher) in India

Asiatic Lion (Babber Sher) in India

Asiatic Lion – The Majestic Beast
The Asiatic Lion, also known as Babber Sher is a smaller species than its cousin present in Africa. Standing at 90 centimetres at the shoulder, the Asiatic Lion can weigh anywhere between 200-250 kg. It is 8-9 ft in length, and the tail itself measures about 60-90 cm. The Asiatic Lion has a much longer mane and tail tuft when compared with the African Lion. Its elbows are also larger and the coat thinner. But what sets the Asiatic Lion apart from its cousin in Africa is the distinctive fold on its belly.

Asiatic Lion’s Joint Family System
Unlike most members of the felidae family, the adult Asiatic lions live in pairs and normally, the association is long lasting. It is not unusual to come across a family of a lion, lioness and three to four cubs under a shady tree or near a water hole. The whole family relaxes by the day and hunts when the sun touches the horizon. Hunting is a family affair for the Asiatic lions and the pride drives and isolates its quarry from the herd before bringing it down. Eating is again get-together time for the Asiatic lions, with the family members assembled all around the kill, munching their favourite parts.

The Asiatic Lions prey includes the nilgai, chital, sambar and almost all ungulates it could lay its paws upon, including goats, buffaloes and camels.

The breeding season of the Asiatic Lion is from October to November. Mating is extremely noisy and the pair meows, growls and grumbles all throughout the breeding ritual. After a gestation period , the mother gives birth to 3-4 cubs that are entirely dependent on her for the next two years.

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